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About Attorney Ryan G.S. Au

As the founder of Ryan G.S. Au, AAL, LLLC, my law firm focuses upon personal injury, landlord-tenant evictions, construction law, home foreclosure rescue scams, real estate law and business disputes throughout Hawaii. We work to provide efficient and effective solutions regarding the legal needs of those we represent.

We are committed to providing representation regarding every aspect of your case. This includes providing you an upfront evaluation of your case, and guiding you through your legal options. We make certain you understand the legal process, and we will keep you updated regarding the status of your case from beginning to end.

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Attorney Giving Back To The Community

I have been a practicing attorney in Hawaii since 1998. While much of my practice involves being a trial lawyer, I make it my goal to provide efficient and affordable legal services.

I do what I can to give back to the community of Honolulu. As I am a strong advocate of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques in resolving legal matters, I serve as mediator through the Mediation Center of the Pacific in the areas of family law, business law, and a variety of cases.

I provide pro bono legal services to the public through the Hawaii State Bar Association’s Legal Line, volunteering at Legal Line Clinics during Law Week and providing legal assistance over the phone through the Legal Line Hotline. I also participate in the junior judges project where I assist elementary school children make the right decisions when it comes to issues such as school bullying, alcohol and drugs, and other issues children face.

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