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Effective Advocacy During Business And Contract Disputes

I am attorney Ryan G.S. Au, and I have a broad range of experience in assisting individuals and companies with their business concerns. When business conflicts arise, it is very important to resolve these disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Otherwise, such disagreements may drain valuable time, money and attention ultimately damaging the enterprise as a whole. It is also important to resolve the dispute favorably, and make certain your interests receive adequate protection.

I handle breach of contract disputes regarding goods, services, and payments across every sort of industry on Oahu. My ability to handle such disputes is due to my understanding of how businesses operate, and providing guidance on the best strategies for resolving business and contract issues.

How Business And Contract Disputes Arise

The operation of your business is dependent upon the contracts and contractual relationships you form. Existing oral and written agreements govern every business transaction you conduct on a daily basis. And because of the number of transactions your business engages in, disputes will arise regarding the interpretation and enforcement of a particular contract.

I have been helping resolve such disputes since 1998. When working with you, I can help you determine whether a contract breach occurred. I can also provide you guidance regarding the best method for resolving such legal matters.

Efficient And Effective Resolution Of Your Legal Issue

As a part of my focus as a business lawyer, I will use negotiation, mediation, and arbitration as tools to resolve your dispute amicably and efficiently. Should it be impossible to resolve disputes in these manners, I am always prepared to try your case through litigation. I have a strong reputation for effective advocacy for your interests in the courtroom. I can also represent businesses of every size. This includes startup companies, sole proprietorships and partnerships, and private and public corporations.

Protecting The Needs And Concerns Of Those We Represent

Let me use my knowledge and years of experience as an attorney to help you resolve the most complex business disputes. For answers to your questions, contact Ryan G.S. Au, AAL, LLLC, in Honolulu, Hawaii, by calling 808-450-2177. I can also help with personal injury claims, real estate fraud, landlord-tenant law and construction law issues.