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Construction Law: Representation For Homeowners, Businesses And Contractors

As the principal of Ryan G.S. Au, Attorney at Law in Honolulu, I represent homeowners and businesses across the island of Oahu in construction disputes with contractors over the scope of work, quality of workmanship, and other construction law matters. I also represent contractors in collections activities who need legal assistance in obtaining payment for work they have completed.

Over years of handling construction disputes, I have worked with many experts in the field and know which resources to draw upon, regardless of the nature of the claim or the complexity of the case.

Construction Fraud and Misrepresentation

I represent property owners against fraudulent, unfair and deceptive practices on the part of contractors, including misrepresentations and false promises regarding the scope of work, overcharging for services, failure to properly perform work or make repairs, or failure to account for the monies related to the construction project.

Construction Defect Litigation

Work may be improperly completed in a number of ways, including a defective design, the use of defective materials, and poor workmanship among the many different trades and occupations involved in a construction project. I work to identify the proper parties who are to blame for the defect and also hold the general contractor accountable who is ultimately responsible for completing the construction properly.

Claims Against Unlicensed Contractors

Licensed contractors have met state requirements for experience and general competence. Importantly, licensed contractors maintain workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance, and you may be exposed to personal liability if an employee of an unlicensed contractor is injured on your property. It’s not just the law; it’s also a good idea to always hire a licensed contractor for your construction project.

Complaints against licensed contractors can be lodged with the Hawaii Contractors License Board, and you may be able to access relief from the Contractors Recovery Fund. If you hired an unlicensed contractor and have a legal complaint, I can represent you against the contractor directly.

Contractor Collections

I represent licensed contractors who are having difficulty collecting payment for residential and commercial construction work they have completed for homeowners and business owners. I seek liens and other judicial means to make sure that contractors are compensated according to the terms of the contract.

Experienced Construction Law Attorney

Construction projects represent significant investments of time and money for all parties involved. Wherever possible, I utilize my years of experience as an attorney in the field of construction law to resolve the dispute at hand so the project can continue. When that is not possible, I look to the courts or alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, to ensure that my clients receive the benefit of their bargain, including specific performance or money damages. If you are involved in a construction dispute in Hawaii, contact Ryan G.S. Au, Attorney at Law or call 808-450-2177.