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Knowledge And Experience In Landlord-Tenant Cases

As the founder of the Honolulu law firm of Ryan G.S. Au, Attorney at Law and a lawyer experienced in representing both individuals and businesses in Oahu, I am at home representing residential and commercial landlords and commercial tenants in landlord-tenant matters, from the negotiation of leases and subleases to the collection of unpaid rent and eviction proceedings.

A landlord-tenant relationship is a contractual relationship, governed by the terms of the leases agreed to by the parties. Every lease is different, and any number of covenants and promises may be expressly stated or implied in a residential or commercial lease. For example:

Quiet Enjoyment and Possession – The landlord may not interfere with the tenant’s right to exclusive possession and control of the premises. The landlord may reserve a right to enter the premises to make inspections or repairs or to show the property to prospective tenants near the end of the lease term, but this should be done in a way that does not unduly disrupt the tenant’s use of the property.

Habitability (residential leases) – It is implied that the premises will be habitable, i.e. running water, moderate temperature, safe construction.

Warranty of Fitness (commercial leases) – The lease may contain an express provision that the premises is fit for the business’ particular purposes.

Tenant Duties – In addition to paying rent on time, the lease may require the tenant to maintain the premises, make minor repairs, and allow the landlord access to the premises to make periodic inspections and repairs. The tenant may also be prohibited from interfering with other tenants in the building or violating any laws or ordinances.

Eviction is a legal remedy available to landlords when a tenant unlawfully refuses to relinquish possession to the owner. Evictions are highly technical and formal legal proceedings that must be done properly to be effective. Having legal representation is essential to meeting your goals in the eviction process. If you are a landlord considering eviction, I can review your lease to determine if everything is in order before starting litigation. I can also make sure that any costs such as unpaid rent or property damage are recovered as part of the eviction process.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

I have been representing landlords and tenants in Hawaii for over a decade. I represent landlords in residential evictions and both landlords and tenants in commercial eviction cases. I also assist landlords in collecting past due rent or obtaining the costs of repair for property damaged by tenants. I assist commercial tenants with leases, subleases, and assignments. In Honolulu, contact Ryan G.S. Au, Attorney at Law or call 808-450-2177 for immediate assistance with your landlord-tenant matter. I can also help with business law, construction law, real estate fraud and personal injury claims.